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In 1656 there appeared an English translation of a Latin work authorised by the Rosicrucian Michael Maier. This original work was entitled Themis Aurea and appeared published in English, as the Laws of the Fraternity of the Rosie Crosse.

In this book, Michael Maier wrote: “When there are multitudes and great diversity of Laws, we may probably conjecture that there will happen many crimes and enormities; for he that slieghteth the straight path of Nature and Reason, will certainly be misled into many windings and labyrinths before he comes to his journey end”. In reference to the Rosicrucian Laws, Maier wrote: “From these inconveniences our Laws are free, as well in qualities as number; they are voluntary, and such to whom all may easily assent as most rational.”

The Laws of the Rosy Cross, which Michael Maier reintroduced from previous times into the seventeenth century and which AMORC brings into the twentieth century, are the integrity and responsibility mentioned previously. The second Law stated in the Fama Fraternitatis and repeated by Maier best describes the attitude of Rosicrucians of the past, the present and the future. That Law states: “That none of them, not withstanding their being of the Fraternity, shall be enjoyned one habit; but many suit themselves to the customs and mode of those countries in which they reside.”

We are not “special”. We are not elite or privileged individuals, nor are we a secret society that has access to to information hidden from all other persons. We simply look at what is, and work in harmony with it for the purpose of bringing about a condition in the world that benefits all.

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